Pashto love poem


ستا انځور په هېنداه کې دی

کوم چې زما تر ټولو ښکلی شعر دی

خو ژر کوه چې ورکېږي

د وروستي ځل لپاره راباندې ګرانه یې

Translated into Afghani by Mohammad Basir Sulaimankhil
Audio Nisar Ulhaq
Pashto love poem

A romanization


Sta anzwr ph hendah ke da

Kwm che zma tr ṭwlw ṣ̌kla sh'er da

Khw jr kwh che wrkeẓ̌y

D wrwsty zl lparh rabande granh ae

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

Pashto language

Pashto love poem (د مينې شعر) for your pretty brown curls, reflecting all the mirror of Afghanistan.

Pashto (other possibilities : Pushto, Pathani, Pushtu, Pakhto, Afghani, Pashto, Pukhto, local name : پښتو, Paṣto, Paxto), is an Indo-Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan.

It is one of the two official languages with the dari. 46 million people speak Pashto. There are many dialects of Pashto with also speakers in Pakistan and Iran.

It is written in Arabic alphabet to read from right to left, and it has many dialects. Among these dialects, Wanetsi spoken in Pakistani Balochistan, is difficult to understand by other Pashtophones.

It's the language of the Pashtuns, the indigenous inhabitants of Afghanistan. Pashto refers to the most important of the 2 soft dialects which preserves the sh and zh sounds.

Afghanistan is a country with a predominantly rural population, composed by a dozen of ethnic groups, among which the Pashtuns or Afghans or Pathans who are the majority.

Pashto literature & history

Pashto literature really begins in the 16th century. We have a trace dating from the 8th century, but it is controversial.

As the Pashtun territory was divided between the Mughal and Salavid empires, the literary model was Arabo-Persian. These include Bayazid Ansari (Khayr ul Bayan) and Bayazid Ansari (Pir Roshan) considered heretical. Khushal Khan Khattak (middle of the 17th century), is a warrior poet, considered as the father of Pashto literature.

In 1893 the British, in defining the border between their Indian colony and Afghanistan, split in two the territory of the Pashtun, who had founded the Afghan state 150 years ago. Afghanistan is a predominantly rural country of about ten ethnic groups, of which the Pashtun or Afghan or Pathan are the majority.

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