Gona lauma galasi  Nuganai ka gegu lalokau..  Sene ve gari bigi boi oni,  Nikeka gegu lasty na lalokau venigomuna.
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Sinaugoro poem, translated by Elsie Sariva

Translation of my little love poem into taboro (a sinaugoro dialect). This austronesian language of Papua New Guinea is close to the Motu. Papua New Guinea is the largest reservoir of languages in the world, there are nearly 800. This chain of islands has many ethnic groups that speak these different languages. Many of them have very few people who speak them. In Papua New Guinea, to ther Papuans, were added groups of: Melanesians, Polynesians in some point of the littoral and even some pygmies in the most isolated regions. The majority of the Papuans live in the mountains, free of malaria and retain a traditional way of life, based on agriculture, burning, and sweet potato, taro, and sugar cane farming.
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