Gwah dureh waigitnam  Ko swa wenukina  Ma, katma yo gwemki  Hoko yeyki Nu gu hoda dra.
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Aekyom poem, translated by Monica Jude

Love poem translated into aekyom (awin, aiwin, akium, west awin), a papuan language of trans New Guinea which has 8,000 speakers in the western province of the Kiunga side. The aekyom is one of the two languages awin-pa, the other being the pare, the two are very close and can be considered as dialects of each other. Among the Papuans still living in a traditional way, gathering and hunting provide additional resources to the few agricultural gardens they cultivate. Communications are made by difficult roads and by air. In Papua, low marshy and unhealthy land are sparsely populated and the essential resource is the sago. On the coast there are large coconut groves and cocoa plantations. Copper is an important resource for the country.
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