A:pe imimi galasi gobala  Sa:lenapa lopala  Ameta sela, wama kaola gile  Ma:ma na:pe a:yata napa gi, a: iwalelalowa
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Gogodala poem, translated by Rhonda Vali

Little translation of my love poem into gogodala (gogodara), the language of the gogodala ethnic group, a language close to ari. There are about 22,000 speakers in the center of the western province of Papua New Guinea to speak this language of the gogodala-suki language group. Note that the letter, here signified by "a:", is pronounced as in apple. The Papuan languages are non-Melanesian languages spoken in New Guinea and neighboring islands. There are approximately 700 languages, of which 400 can be genetically grouped, the remainder being of a dubious or unknown affiliation. Many of these languages only concern one tribe or a small group of tribes and have only a few hundred speakers.
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