Namban ipaleleon waiyage og  Namban aupipa mayalm tindii lapai og  Yapapii -  bai'i alopyo para'an  Namaban imba  monage leso og, namban ero aukapai og
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Enga poem, translated by Nancy Fiona Pandan

Audio voice Nancy Fiona Pandan
A short translation of my love poem into enga (caga, tchaga, tsaga), the language of the ethnic clan enga, here into the Wild West dialect of Laiagam. There are 230.000 people in the Highlands at the east of Papua New Guinea, who speak this vernacular language. There are 9 dialects of enga, it's an important language because generally papu languages can only have 100 speakers. Wars have always been frequent among the various groups, but when it was bows and arrows which opposed the belligerents, they ended in a calm manner. At the end of the 20th century, the guns and the hiring of henchmen, replaced the arrows, and this resulted in many deaths. Today the wisdom of the elders took over, and the wars end more quickly. I hope that the enga girl of my poem, will never be the source of warrior rivalries between clans, excepted on backdrop of traditions in warrior clothes, and in mimed fighting during a ritual ceremony.
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