Oi oromamu heita galasina ai  Na lau egu reva reva herea dae na o ba haraga e boiomu  Egu orena binai na lalokau henimumu
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Motu poem, translated by Christopher Tava

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Love poem translated into motu (pure motu), Melanesian language of the Papuan tip spoken by 40,000 speakers. The pidgin of motu is called hiri motu, despite a similar vocabulary, intercomprehension is impossible. It is on the side of Port Moresby which is the capital of the country that we find this language which serves as a language of relation in this region. If you go to her place, perhaps you will see my poem, translated into motu, printed upside down, placed beside her bed, on her bedside table. She keep it for months, waiting each morning at dawn for the moment when heaven looks at her. With the tok pisin, the motu is an important language of Papua, because spoken by an important number of people. I like all these Papuan languages, This country which is at the opposite of France on the world map, makes us dream with all the unknown it conceals. One day, shall I spend some time in the remotest mountains of this country to share the daily life of a tribe not touched by the contributions of colonizers? I hope! it would be fabulous, there would be so much to learn from survival under so difficult conditions for a European, with so simple and old means.
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