Samberigi love poem

Awo awo

Nake awo awo handolo

Ya ore epeke pisiki

Koropele pare ore eiyolo lapeke pa alupu palieke

Ya werepene pii "neke hore ya honepele"

Translated into Samberigi by Priscilla Wekere Pombo
Thanks to Kepo Kingsley
Samberigi love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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Samberigi language

Here is my little love poem translated into Samberigi (Sau, Sembeleke, Sanaberig, Sanaberigi, Tiri), an Engan, Angal-Kewa language of the Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.

There would be no more than 3,000 people speaking this language in around forty villages in the Samberigi valley, Lake Kutubu district.

In this region of the Southern Highlands, the Samberigi live from small-scale agriculture which is more like gardening (sweet potatoes, taro, yams, sago, bananas), since the harvest is mainly intended for them.

They practice some breeding (pigs), hunting (wild pigs, pythons), fishing and gathering.

Their homes are cabins made of wood from the forest, the leaves of the sago palms are perfect to serve as roofs.

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