Hamtai love poem


Nda konapunga Hinguyenqa umnga,

Oka naha qetamanqa iva qaiva tie,

Haneqie oka hamagia yanaitanga,

Nina ipaka neata qie, Nie Hina Dimnga Qamautanga.

Translated into Hamtai by Emmanuel Ben Jack
Hamtai love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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Hamtai language

Here with this Hamtai (Kapau, Hamday, Kamia, Kamea, Watut) version of my little love poem, i wanted to show you an indigenous language of the Gulf and Morobe provinces in Papua New Guinea.

This Trans-New Guinea language, and more precisely southeast Agan, is the Agan language, including its dialects (Kaintiba, Wenta, Pmasa'a, Howi), which has the most speakers... maybe forty thousand.

Hamtai is the first language of adults of the ethnic group that speaks it, but even if it is taught a little in schools, it is less present among the youngest. It is therefore obvious that it is a language in great danger of extinction.

Some Agan languages (four), are already practically extinct.

The Angu

The Anga (Kukukuku, Angu), are Papuan (approximately 85,000), residing between the Morobe and the Gulf provinces in Papua New Guinea. They speak the same language family.

Arrived millennia ago, their villages are mainly at altitude, in a very mountainous geographical area.

Recently have been discovered isolated groups, that is to say the complexities to access to some of their hamlets.

The Anga are farmers (sweet potato, taro and banana trees), herders (pigs), hunters and gatherers, organized into patrilineal societies. Each clan has its own territory.

Entering the neighboring territory is the risk of triggering clashes.

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