Tonton ii mama ge dansdans lala glagla Ce ! C'estc'est monmon plusplus beaubeau popo ème ! Maismais faisfais vivite ilil s'es'e ffaffa Ce ! C'estc'est monmon derder nier jeje t'ait'ai Me !
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Stutterer poem, translation: Stammerer or not, the stutter to make her laugh

Stammer her in poetry and do her laugh with this stuttering translation of the love poem "La Glace"! If stuttering is not fun for the one who really has it, I think that even, he or she, will understand that we can have this embarrassment of the word in front of our lover especially when we have to declaim a poem. I know that like all things, he or she, will understand that in certain circumstances one can deride this jerky and explosive repetition of the syllables.
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