Solresol love poem






Solresol translation (corrections and thanks to Shido Morozof)
The book of François Sudre and a Solresol (Sidosi) translator
Solresol love poem

La redomifa

Remi sollafasol dosoldolâ la redomifa

Faremi redo lafala solsidôla dofasôlmi-fasi

Mimidomi domi solsol fasimila dofa solfasoldo

Dofa faremi redo "dore milasi domi" misilâla

With Latin alphabet to transcribe the notes of music

 

    

    -

     

   "  " 

With the stenographic script by Vincent Gajewski
Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

The Solresol and François Sudre

I discovered solresol with the whistled languages, since it includes a written musical base while whistling a language is a musical representation.

"Translating" my little love poem into this new linguistic variety seemed obvious to me.

Solresol can undoubtedly also be whistled, and in its construction, François Sudre has given it a universal dimension wider than that desired by all other built languages.

It is the Frenchman François Sudre, an Albigensian, who invents this language or rather this linguistic variety which will be launched after the Napoleonic wars.

He had the idea in 1817. The objective of François Sudre who is a musician and an inventor is to create a language that can be universal. He calls this language: Universal musical language. It is after his death that his work will take the name solresol.

In Sudre's book, entitled "Langue musicale universelle" published in 1866, it is noted in the beginning that with his work approved by the Institut of France, that the blind, the deaf, the dumb and all the different peoples of the earth after only three months of study can be understood mutually, because this language is at once spoken, written, occult and dumb.

This language is formed of the seven signs of music whose universality can not be questioned, and it is not necessary to be a musician to learn it.

It is spoken when we pronounce the notes: It is written when these same notes are drawn on the paper as below       .

It is silent, when the notes are indicated on the fingers that one shows. It is occult when the deaf-mute, by a slight pressure, makes them recognize to the blind with whom he wants to get in touch.

Solresol cannot be considered as a natural language, in the sense that it is not a language that we can really speak, on the other hand we can, write it, sign it and whistle it, and it is interesting to note that the languages whistled by humans are based on natural languages, French (Aas), Spanish (silbo), etc.

Solresol is more like Morse code and a French encryption system than anything else.

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