love poem the mirror in modern russian, written with the glagolitic alphabet (Glagolitza)
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Simple rewriting of the modern Russian translation, with the alphabet glagolitic.

Love poem "la glace" in modern Russian, written in glagolitic alphabet (Glagolitza - Глаголица). The little fun of a poem in this old Slavic alphabet to reflect her, and reflect a bit of her beauty. This is not a translation, but just a rewrite of the Russian version of my poem with the glagolitic script. Although the form of the letters is very different, the glagolitic and the Cyrillic have probably a common writing. The Cyrillic was used by the Orthodox Slavs of the East, the Glagolitic was used by the Roman Catholic Slavs. It currently survives only in the liturgy of some Dalmatian and Montenegrin communities. Originally this writing was introduced into the Slavophone communities of the Balkans for the needs of evangelization. Many scholars beleive gagolitic to have been developed prior to cyrillic and contend that, as with cyrillic, the greek alphabet provided the model.
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