loucherbem love poem

Le liroirmem

Ton leflerem dans le liroirmem

C'est mon lusplem leaubem loemepem,

Mais laisfem litevem, il l'effacesem,

C'est lonmem lernierdem je l'aimetem.

Translated into loucherbem by Lartinamem de Lamgandem
loucherbem love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

Largomuche de loucherbem

Loucherbem love poem (louchébem, largongi). The largomuche of loucherbem is the old jargon of La Villette (Paris) butchers! The basic principle is to replace the consonant or the initial group by an l, and by rejecting this consonant or this group at the end of the word and by adding it em, é, i, oc, uche etc. for example meatman, in French boucher (b oucher) becomes l oucher b em (loucherbem). If Largongi, largongem and Louchebem use the same methods for their construction, the largongem was first used in the prison of Brest before being taken over by the butchers of La Villette in its form louchébem!

Why Damgan

Damgan is neither La Villette nor Brest, even less a prison, but it's there that she argots, in the middle of clams, oysters and other shells!
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