Shorthand love poem


T, imj D . Gs

Se m, + bo pm

M fe vt l sfs

Se m, Dnie jtm

Translated into shorthand by a mysterious woman
Shorthand love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

Myterious woman

Poem "the mirror" translated into Stenography (shorthand, brachygraphy, tachygraphy) by and for a myterious woman. Her firstname as these glyphs is a secret, she is shy and discreet but so mischievous! She is the queen to mix colors ... A real magic trick ... My fingers did not see anything ... Yes, I said my fingers, because as for the braille of blind people, i affirm, my fingers know how to read the colors!

But let me come back to the topic: Here it's exactly speedwriting, or alphabetical stenography which transcribe phonetically the speech.

Shorthand explanation

Shorthand is a writing method consisting of abbreviated and conventional signs, which serves to transcribe speech as quickly as it is pronounced. The various modern systems of shorthand, always rely on a phonetic basis. Some note detached syllables, and usually all are represented by stenograms (graphic plots). The present methods, composed of straight lines, circles, portions of circles and points, are more or less derived from that imagined by Samuel Taylor in 1786, and perfected by Pitman in 1837. The Pitman method will be adapted to French language by Pierre Bertin 1792, Hippolyte Prevost and Delaunay 1866.
Poem translated into shorthand (524 idioms)