Javanais-argot love poem

Lava glavace

Tavon avimavage davans lava glavace

C'avest mavon plavus baveau pavoavème

Mavais favais vavite avil s'aveffavace

C'avest mavon davernavier jave t'avaime

Translated into Javanais
Javanais-argot love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

How to tell her

The love poem The mirror in Javanais. Simple memory of Gainsbourg, in poem, and of its "Javanaise". Perhaps also in a slang form that is incomprehensible because in what language tell her? What language will she understand? Must we seek for her the most secretly complicated words, since the simplest on her have no effect!

Over there

I had to find a geographical place for this translation. It could have been anywhere in France, anywhere Javanais was fashionable late 19th. I chose Normandy and especially Caen, a few steps from the birthplace of François de Malherbe. I'm not sure that with his classicism Javanais could have been his cup of tea, but never mind, it's there that I wanted it point.

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