Sign language poem

Ton image dans la glace C'est mon plus beau poème Mais fais vite il s'efface C'est mon dernier je t'aimeTurn
Translated into Sign language poem, amusement (alphabet)
Original version
Poem the mirror

Sign language amusement

Sign language poem, amusement: Simple Rewrite, of the love poem, with handsign.ttf font, in waiting the film of a pretty unknown woman, in front of her mirror, who will contact me. This poetry translated into sign language, has a true place in the pantheon of my translations. Deafness is often figurative!

Some examples

Sign language i a way to communicate with many hand shapes and movements to signal words and meanings. In some circumstances people use sign language, by example the hunters to signal messages silently, and more widely, by aboriginal women who are in a mourning. A woman must spend a period of time in mourning after the death of her husband. During this period, she cannot travel about and is not allowed to feed herself and communicate in spoken language, so they use sign language.
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