Leetspeak love poem

LA Gl@cE

T0n iM4G3 DaN5 LA Gl@cE

C'E5+ M0n PLUs 834u POèME

M@1$ F4I$ Vi+E IL $'EFF4C3

C'e5+ m0N d3Rn13R J3 +'@Im3!

Translated into Leet speak
Leetspeak love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

Leet speak

Translation of the poem into leet speak (the language of the elite, 133tsp34k) of geeks and hackers, using the poetry of ASCII characters.

If the willingness of leet speak, isn't artistic, but that of belonging to a community, with a desire of accessibility reserved to an elite, concerning ASCII characters, we can nevertheless speak of poetry, a word that is not too strong to describe the forms of art who use them as support. It was certainly born in the silicon valley.

Poem translated into leetspeak (524 idioms)