Interlingua love poem

Le speculo

Tu reflexo in le speculo

Es mi plus belle poema

Mais rapidemente illo evanesce

Illo es mi ultime "io te ama"!

Translated into Interlingua by E José Silveira da Costa

Original version
Poem the mirror

To build your love with the interlingua

The love poem "the mirror" translated into Interlingua, a constructed language which has about 1,500 speakers. Perhaps we must construct our love in our head!

The interlingua is an artificial language which is a simplified form of Latin, proposed in 1903 by G. Peano, to be used by the international scientific community.

So, this language is built on the Latin languages and one can find many books or web pages in this language.

Another construction with the same name, was proposed by a New York linguist A. Gode, and was adopted by the International Auxiliary Language Association.

The idea was: to compose a vocabulary from seven languages (French, Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Russian), by taking the words found in at least three of these languages; and to making the grammar as simple as possible, that mean without exceptions, irregularities etc.

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Poem translated into interlingua (482 idioms)