Conceptual love poem

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Conceptual art (contemporary) version by myself
Conceptual love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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"Look and imagine!"

Some Conceptual art

Here is the version of my love poem in conceptual art (contemporary, modern), which I propose to you.

If I deconstructed it, it was to make it more modern and with the wish that it might one day achieve the status of a "Hooray, wonderful!" that only today's conceptual art can reach.

As you can imagine, it will not have been easy, conceptual "art" being only a pseudo-literary description of "a work" whose the "extraordinary power" can even go as far as absence.

The canvas passed between the hands of magicians can now remain white or even blank and it is ecstasy, and when it completely disappears we enter something even, deeper, more extraordinarily artistic, which borders to genius.

No one then can claim to be able to rub shoulders with such awesomeness.

My little poem being based on a very simple idea, a concept, it was easy to convert from an obsolete and petty classicism to this exciting modernity, by purifying it as much as possible to keep only the concept. .. but I admit, I have been unable to deconstruct it until the total inexistence explained by a delusional logorrhea ... Yes, everything is art and delirium is art .. . I have been unable, I had to leave the title!

However, see how much this partially deconstructed version brings to my little love poem, by making it disappear (this is indeed how it should have been in its original version)!

It enriches the imagination that I wanted to stir up, because from the nothingness everything can exist. The exploitation of this nothingness is the formidable power inherent in conceptual art. This imaginary power, which in traditional art was only a few watts, is nuclear when it does not rely on anything, and therefore on everything!

If I could not completely deconstruct my poem, because unable to remove the title, even so note, the power of my work by succeeding in deconstructing in just three words “Look and imagine!”, the explanatory note, that this sort of contemporary art imposes!

In just three words, yes ... because it seemed important to me to go even further into the conceptual depths of our dear conceptual art ... to go so far as to deconstruct as much as possible the verbal logorrhea that accompanies it.

These explanations in just three words are a real pride for me, because they are the beginnings of a total explanatory deconstruction, where everything will become art, even the one that we do not see, that we do not hear, that we do not feel, that we do not touch, that we do not read, and that we do not even know the existence ...

Is all that we do not know the existence, does not exist somewhere? My answer is yes... but!

Despite everything, see all these lines to tell you all this! Nevertheless, are they not legitimate to allow access to the uninitiated, to all those who do not have the luck to be part of the very restricted circle of the elects, who are bathed in cosmic nothingness ...

To those I apologize, even if they will understand better than everyone else the legitimacy of my words.

In conclusion:

I can already see the critics at work, and they will be right, I do not have the genius, of certain listed artists, or still others, totally "unknown" ... a word often qualifying a even more impressive awesomeness.

I hope that these critics will not see a mockery, in my words, in "my work". Conceptual art is "a real gem", "a divinity" whose omnipotence is well established.

I hope also that those who will not see mockery in my text, will also able to find it.

PS: On the map I have placed this version at in the Bermuda Triangle, because it seemed to me to be the most appropriate place to speak about the abyssal and mysterious depth, in which the conceptual imagination often turns into art.

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