Volapük love poem

In lok maged ola

Poed gudikün oba.

Ab vifö;! ya nepubon;

„Lö;fob oli” fisagon.

Translated into Volapük by Ralph & Betty

Original version
Poem the mirror

Volapük language

Poem "The mirror" translated into Volapuk. The Volapük is a universal auxiliary language created in 1879 by J. M. Schleyer, priest of Litzelstetten, near Constance. The word volapük comes from two words vol and pük which come from the english words world and speak. This language has English as primary basic, but with very deformed roots; The grammar is relatively complex. The volapuk had some success until the appearance of Esperanto, which supplanted it. Love poem in another built language that today no longer counts many followers. Johann Martin Schleyer was from Lauda-Königshofen, it is where i have put it on the map.
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Poem translated into volapük (482 idioms)