French Sms poem

Tn imag ds la glace

C mn +bo poem

Ms fè vite il séfac

C mn dernié jtm

Translated into sms: Translator - Interpreter SMS Coralie
French Sms poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

Tu kif grav ta meuf

Love poem translated into French texting language for all those who "kif grav leur meuf". Sms mean short message service! For her, do not hesitate to replace some words with emoticons, for example: :L, :K and :$


SMS is a message sent from a phone to another. The sending of these mini messages is recent, since the first ones date only from the beginning of the 90's. The contraction of the texts was made of itself, because of, the price, the ergonomic difficulties of the keyboard, and the age of users less inclined to respect norms than adults. This new way of writing the language, also extends to the digital correspondences (emails), like a fruit of the modernity, which like speed, efficiency, and to jostle the rules.

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