Encrypted love poem

Pn iplcy

Eoh zqnii oahj pn iplcy

Tifv qzn jcyf dilu jfizg

Qlim wevu ztty zp fgjqawv

Grux xoh uiepmpr dv xnkqp

Translated into Encrypted, a good spy, will find the key

Original version
Poem the mirror

Spy girl & love language

Love poem "The mirror", encrypted Vigenère cipher for spy girl. Find the key of my poem, it will tell you much! Be curious, search on internet and you will find easily the way to beak this old cipher method. First, i locked this translation in the fortress of If Castle (Frioul Islands near Marseille), with Edmond Dantès (It was a possibility), then I changed my mind. It points to the birthplace of Blaise de Vigenère!!

There are many encryption systems. The language of love, except for the lovers, is an encrypted language! A lover know the language of his half, so no matter whether she is Cheyenne, Zulu or French, her look, her movements, her silences, her gait and her smell are her language, and it is love which gives to the other the key of decipherment.

Blaise de Vigenère

Blaise de Vigenère (1523-1596), who made the encryption system I used for this translation, is born in Allier, exactly in Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule. He was a diplomat, an alchemist, an astrologer, a translator and of course a cryptographer.

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