I muka mu ta espejo  I kakastan nga ekku mapalappa  Ngem mabi ka ta mapawan ngana  Yaw i urian nga aya ku nikaw...
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Ibanag poem, translated by Ibanags around the World

This translation of my little love poem into ibanag (ybanag, ibanak) is for her. She will read it, and re-read it in secret. But where is she? Right now, in the Philippines? Not sure! She is an eternal traveler. Her pilgrim's stick, she never separates from it, it is her lipstick. This language of Philippines is spoken by 1/2 million Filipinos in the north of Isabela, Cagayan and Luzon. Bannag means river, and ibanag the people of the river. So, you! daughter of the river, it is it your mirror. It even reflects a bit of the orange-yellow of your pretty coppery complexion.
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