Ing makasalamin mung laráuan,  Yang malagûng díling kauatásan.  Dápot laguâ mu at mágláû ya,  Ing maúlî kung “Palsintan daka!”
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Kapampangan poem, translated by Siuala ding Meangubie

Small translation in Kapampangan (pampango, pampangan, capampan͠gan, pampangueño) of the poem the most translated of the world. I like this translation, there is not even need to understand its meaning to like it, its graphics is sublime. Is she also pretty, this young lady with embers eyes? Believe me, she is still more, her features are finely chiselled, by a God at the height of his art. He gave her everything, so me, poor little poet, can I hope one day to describe her in all its details? Without imagination, my purest words will always be incapable!

Pampangan is a major language of the Philippines spoken in the Pampanga region by about 2.5 million speakers. The word kapampangan means "the bank of the river", the language counts 5 vowels and 15 consonants, some of its dialects have 6 vowels. One can write it as here in Kulitan from top to bottom and from right to left.
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