An emo imahe sa ispiho  Ay ako pinaka mabaysay  Nga tula kodi kay dali la iton mawara  Ma ini an orihi.. higogmaon ko ikaw
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Waray-waray poem, translated by Connie

A small translation into waray-waray (Waray, Samaran, Samareno, Samarenyo), for just over three million people. The waray, or winaray, is a bisaya language of the Philippines. It is spoken in the regions of Samar, Biliran and Leyte. If this language has a significant number of speakers, it is mainly Tagalog that is found in the newspapers or books of the regions where it is spoken, because many waray-language authors choose to write in Tagalog . Samar is a large island in the Philippines, always wild is quite poor. It has all the assets, with its paradisiacal landscapes, to become a first order tourist destination.
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