Ang imo imahe sa ispiyo  Ang pina ka matahom na ambahanon  Pero, ikaw mag dali ini madula  Ini ang akon ulihi Palangga ta ka!
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Ilonggo poem, translated by & audio Hazel Carmona

Translation of the love poem into the language of bisayas people, ilonggo (hiligaynon). In the Philippines, in the visayas region, there are currently 11 million people who speak this Malayo-Polynesian language. Iloilo to the south of Panay is the region with the largest number of speakers, there are also some in Negros and Romblon. It is one of the languages of the Philippines with a tradition and a written history. I'm sure that by looking for, one could find many poems in the hiligainon language.
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