Ang hulagway nimo sa salamin  Maoy maanindot kong balak;  Apan sa kalit lamang nawala;  Mao kini ang akong katapusan: "Gihigugma ko ikaw"
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Cebuano poem, translated by Desi Lozada

Small poem translated into Cebuano (visayan), language of the Visayas region spoken notably in Cebu in the Philippines. Today it is supplanted by Tagalog, sometimes ago, it exceeded it by the number of its speakers! There are nevertheless 38 million Filipinos to speak it, if we add the regions of Bohol, Negros, Leyte, and the north and west coasts of Mindanao. My love poem has every chance of flying out there, and to land on the heart of a pretty visayan girl. As for Cebu, it is a densely populated island in the middle of the Visaya region. This island is exploited intensively, whether for agriculture or for its mines: of coal, copper and iron.
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