Aklan love poem


Do imo nga itsura sa espiho

Do akon nga pinakamanami nga tula

Pero dasiga daya hay maduea

Daya ro akon nga ulihing "pagpalangga"

Translated into Aklanon by Ing Gracia
Aklan love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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Aklanon language, the Philippines & Y

My love poem translated into Aklanon (akeanon, inakeanon, aklano, aklanon-bisayan, panay), the Visaya language of the Aklan Provine in Philippines, (on the island of Panay). Aklano is also spoken by people in Palawan and Mindanao by example in Bukidnon and Surigao. This dialect is similar to Malaynon to more than 90%. This poem in aklan will be understood by 450,000 people. Akeanon is a Malayo-Polynesian language which come from the proto-west visayan.

The Philippines are an archipelago, composed of thousands of islands, inhabited by different ethnic groups, who speak different languages.

Like for you, your ancestors have been there for a long time. I say "like you for a long time", because if you are twenty years old, you've had them for so many years. Time, years, centuries and even millennia pass and you do not grow old. Your soul that with a small group came thousands of years ago, floats like a flower with a light breeze in the panay region. Year after year, it is found carried by the wind from one mountain to another, from the plain to the boats that crisscross the coast.

You have always been 20 years old, for millennia, because for so many years none of these men crossed could find you. All of them noticed you, even idolized, but none of them could say the few words that could anchor your soul, to fix it somewhere. Your wandering is an infinite time, ie a nothingness. The time to exist needs to be fixed. You are still 20 years old, but now, the few words are finally said, you are finally two and henceforth you will be able to exist.

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