Frisahts þeina in skuggwin Saggws meins sa batista ist. Iþ sniu! Usleiþiþ auk. Þata ist mein spedist þuk frijo.
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Gothic poem, translated by Peter Tunstall

Gothic love poem (gothisch, gotische), the language that is the only known witness of the Eastern Germanic group. Mirror of the Goths, Visigoths, and Ostrogoths of the Middle Ages, in the Goths language, now a dead language. The argenteus codex, found in Italy, is of capital importance for the knowledge, of the primitive state common, of the Germanic languages, because it precedes by several centuries the other texts of the old English group, Old Saxon, Old High German. The victories of the Franks on the Visigoths will stop the use of the Gothic language. Again, with this translation, take full advantage of the so pretty alphabet in which this language is written.
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