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Occitan translation whistled (Aas)

Variation in the whistled language of Aas from the Occitan translation!
Interpretation performed by Laurent Disnard, member of "Siular d'Aas".
Thanks to Philippe Biu, who teaches this prestigious whistled language
as part of his Occitan course at the University of Pau. Pau which is
the only university in Europe where the whistling language is taught.
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Whistled language of Aas

Here is in the manner of Aas whistlers (by Laurent Disnard, member of "Siular d'Aas"), the whistled interpretation of the Occitan version of my poem. If in Aas we revive this mode of linguistic extension or expression, in teaching it in schools and at the university of Pau. It should be noted that in Aas the renewal of the whistled language, is based on the records we own, added by the procedures learned with the silbo in La Gomera.


"Too incongruous sentences are the limits of the whistled language. It is not possible to whistle all the phonemes of the spoken language. The same whistled phoneme can represent several phonemes of the spoken language (especially consonants), generating homonyms that are detrimental to comprehension.

It is the context that illuminates the meaning of words. If this context is not logical, the recipient may be too confused to understand the message. Thus it will be very difficult or impossible to understand a sentence like: "I have two green herrings swimming in my sink". On the other hand "I caught this morning two trout in the gave, with Pierre I ate them accompanied by a glass of Jurançon", is an easily understandable sentence." (Philippe Biu)

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