peklimhn jı teial psaie jı na∂w pe alla †eph ∂e sefwte mmof pajae ı∂e †me mmo pe
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Sahidic poem, coptic translation Anne Boudhors (cnrs)

Love poem translated into Sahidic Coptic (tebaic), ie in literary classic Coptic (4th-11th century). The Coptic, chamito-semitic language, which descends from the ancient Egyptian, has several dialects which are written with the Coptic alphabet, a Greek alphabet enriched with 7 letters borrowed to the demotic. The sacidic which is originally the dialect of Thebes will become in the 5th century the speech of all of Upper Egypt. The Bohairidian, the Memphis and Alexandria dialect will become the literary language. I like the graphic of this language alphabet that continues to decline but tries to reborn, with the spread of his teaching. The term Coptic designates the Christians of Egypt.
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