􀀰􀁄􁌥􁌥􀁄􀁏􀁗􀁄􀁎􀁌􀀃􀁌􀁑􀁄􀀃􀁐􀁘􀄣􀃃􀁏􀁌􀁐􀀃  􀀥􀁄􀁑􀃭􀁗􀀃􀄣􀁌􀁓􀁕􀃃􀁗􀃭􀁜􀁄􀀑􀀃  􀀸􀀃􁋣􀁘􀁐􁌥􀃭􀀏􀀃􀁌􁋣􀁄􀁏􀁏􀁌􀁔􀀑􀀃  􀀅􀀤􀁕􀂤􀁐􀁎􀁌􀀅􀀃􀁄􀁑􀁑􀂽􀁐􀀃􀁊􀁄􀁐􀁌􀁕􀀃􀁜􀂤􀁗􀁌􀀑
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Akkadian poem, translated by Olivier Lauffenburger

Love poem translated into Akkadian (Assyro-Babylonian), a dead Eastern Semitic language. A poem to sing the beauty of girls of, babylon and northern Mesopotamia in the 3rd millennium BC. For this language of Akkad city one finds numerous tablets of written clays. This vehicular language with Sumerian influences will gradually be replaced by Aramaic. The Akkadian in itself constitutes the eastern branch of the Semitic languages of which it is the oldest attested. In the second millennium, it splits into two dialects which will each evolve on their side, the Assyrian and the Babylonian. In the form of the Babylonian, it will continue to be used until the beginning of the Christian era. The cuneiform alphabet in which it is written remains the trace of the very first writing ways of humanity. It was used to write a dozen languages for 3 millennia.

A poem transliteration!

Maṭṭaltaki ina mušālim

Banīt šiprātīya.

U ḫumṭī, iḫalliq.

"Arâmki" annûm gamir yâti.

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